Stegeborgs Trädgårdshotell, Sweden

Söderköping, Östergötland

This small “garden hotel” is charming and personal. It is situated in the park just below the Stegeborgs castle.
The hotel was formerly a nursery and is decorated with a warm English style.

The garden café operates during the summer months. It serves hot and cold drinks, cakes, as well as light dishes on the large veranda in front of the hotel overlooking the garden’s apple orchard.

The hotel has a restaurant located right on the water that is filled with seaborne travellers during the day. Evening guests consist of a mixture of long-distance sailors from the continent and summer residents staying in the archipelago. The evening menu offers everything from crispy fried Baltic herring to rare fillet of beef.

The hotel offer its own airport. The airfield is available to all visitors. There is space for 20 aeroplanes.




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614 97, Söderköping

+46 121 420 03


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