Långshyttans Brukshotell, Sweden

Långshyttan, Dalarna

If you like to enjoy good food and comfortable accommodations in a calm and relaxing personal environment this is the place for you to stay. Whether you stay here as a private person or conference guest, Långshyttans Brukshotell – located in the Dalecarlian region of Sweden – promises you an experience beyond the ordinary.The hotel is widely acclaimed for its food, which is known to be delicious and well prepared. Here, seasonal meals are cooked using local products.

The manor house was originally built in 1856 as a residence for the managing director of the local factory, Långshytte Bruk. When he moved to another manor in the beginning of the 1900s, the house was converted into a hotel. In 2018 the Slagghuset has been prepared for weddings and other festivities. Here you can experience a contemporary version of by gone times.

The hotel is situated in beautiful, historic surroundings right in the middle of the ”Husby Ring” (Husbyringen) eco-park and cultural route only 2 hours driving from Stockholm. Children appreciate visiting the nearby moose park.



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Holmgatan 4
770 70, Långshyttan

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