Kastanjelunds Wärdshus, Sweden

Yngsjö, Skåne

When you arrive at Kastanjelund, you get the feeling of being in another time. Once inside, you can enjoy something delicious to drink in our comfortable and cosy salon.

Add some luxury to your life by treating yourself to one of the inn’s popular weekend packages. You will be welcomed with a selection of homemade buns and pastries accompanied by a nice cup of tea or coffee to warm you. Depending on the package you choose, you can wrap up the evening with a luxurious four-course meal or a large tasting menu.

The inn’s menus are composed of seasonal ingredients selected from farms in the surrounding area. The first nettles are picked for Easter, and later asparagus in summer, and towards the end of the year, there will be a traditional goose dinner and the customary Christmas smorgasbord.

Enjoy the night in a personally decorated room and start the following day with homemade bread, our own jams and marmalades, and cold cuts from the region.

Take a lovely walk through the woods to the bay Hanöbukten, where you can stroll down kilometres of sandy beach, or why not play a round of golf?



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Kastanjelundsvägen 2
296 72, Yngsjö

+46 44-23 25 33


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