Bodelssons by the Sea, Sweden

Tosteberga, Skåne

This hotel is set in a rural landscape by the sea, overlooking the only archipelago in Skåne. It is a place where nature, the Baltic Sea and their unique flora and fauna have ruled in peaceful co-existence throughout history. Bodelssons is an ideal destination for adults who want to live ecologically and eat organically, who need peace and quiet, recreation or an undisturbed meeting place for a conference.

You will experience the wonderful morning light rising above the water from the window, in your summer-fresh room, with your own patio or balcony.

All meat served in the dining room comes from a manor 5 km from the hotel. The vegetables are also organically produced.

Bodelssons by the Sea offers a conference room in a cosy, home-like environment.




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Släbovägen 7-22
290 34, Fjälkinge

044-77 77 777


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