Special booking conditions mountain hotels

Special booking and travel conditions concerning mountain hotels and holiday breaks.

The reservation becomes binding once it has been confirmed in writing by the booking office.


The 100 % of the total amount is automatically deducted 30 days before arrival through the payment link that you will get together with the confirmation. For reservations within 30 days prior to arrival the entire amount is payable directly. Should payment not be received within the prescribed time, we regard the reservation as cancelled.


If you wish to pay by invoice can only be done after contact direct with the hotel.


If cancelled more than 30 days prior to arrival there will be a processing cost of SEK 500/room. Cancellations later than 30 days prior to arrival will be charged a cancellation fee of 100 %. Rented accommodation to new guest refunds the difference, less expenses for the sublease, not less than SEK 1 000. Included booking tickets must be returned immediately after each visit.

Force Majeure

The traveller is not released from liability, even if he / she is due to force majeure (war, nuclear and natural disasters or similar) will be unable to take advantage of the trip.


Complaints must be presented to the hotel manager or his representative as soon as possible. You may not correct problems your self. Please contact the hotel direct. The warranty is forfeited if you do not notify the supplier in place.

Modification Costs

Modification of accommodation: SEK 250 / modification.

Personal Data Act (PUL)

When booking, you accept that your personal data may be processed by the hotel. This is to ensure customer management and ensure the reliability at time of accident, and to manage and treat any injuries. The data will also be used to provide information on travel-related promotions and marketing research.