Booking terms and conditions conferences and groups

Booking terms and conditions for conferences and groups


Arrangement is when facilities are provided, either with or without accommodation and/or meals, e.g. for conferences, groups and parties. Customer is the person, legal entity or natural person, who is obligated to pay for the arrangement. Value of the booking is the contracted price for the entire booking or the sum of the specified number of participants multiplied by the contracted price per participant per day along with the price of any services that have been specially ordered.


Bookings can be made verbally or in writing. The organiser shall confirm receipt of a booking in writing.

Special requests at the time of booking

If the customer has any special requests, such as special meals, pets, etc., these must be stated at the time of booking. The same applies if the customer requires special security arrangements.

Valuable property

If the customer would like to bring along highly valuable property and have it stored in a special storage area, baggage room or safe, then the customer must notify the organiser accordingly. In the event of theft or similar event, the supplier is liable for damages only if the supplier provided written confirmation stating that the supplier was responsible for such property.

Advance payment

An advance payment equal to 15% of the confirmed amount shall be paid within 10 days of the invoice date. An invoice for the amount of the advance payment will be sent as soon as the booking has been confirmed. If the advance payment is not paid, the organiser is not then obligated to fulfil the booking. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, the amount of the advance payment shall not exceed SEK 50,000. There is no refund for the amount of the advance payment.


Cancellations must be submitted to the organiser in writing. Unless otherwise stated in the offer, the customer shall reimburse the organiser for 100% of the value of the booking if cancellation is made later than four weeks prior to the first day of the arrangement. For cancellation of a portion of the booking, compensation shall equal the amount of the cancelled portion of the booking.


The customer is responsible for all costs incurred as per the booking. If the participants shall pay certain items themselves, the organiser must approve this and a special agreement is then required. If a participant declines a meal that has been ordered in advance, this will not entitle a reduction in the price. Final payment for the arrangement shall be made for the invoiced amount within 10 days of the date of departure. In the event of late payment, the organiser is entitled to charge interest on overdue payment as of the due date, along with an invoice fee.

Reservation for price changes

If the organiser would like to make a reservation for price increases, the organiser must clearly state such in the written confirmation of the booking. The organiser shall inform the customer of any price increases without delay.

Force majeure

The organiser is entitled to revoke the contract with any obligation for damages if there is a strike, lockout, fire, explosion, war or similar state of emergency, significant delivery restrictions or other circumstances that are beyond the control of the organiser.

Responsibility for property/cause of damage

The organiser is not strictly responsible for property left in hotel rooms or in the supplier’s facilities. Should it be determined that the behaviour of the supplier or an employee of the supplier was negligent or careless, or that either was somehow to blame for the loss or damage of property, the supplier is then responsible for the lost/damaged property. The supplier is also responsible for property that is stored in any of the supplier’s locked storage areas, unless the property has a particularly high value. On the other hand, the customer is responsible for any damages to the supplier that are the result of negligence on behalf of the customer and/or participants.


Any disputes that arise as a result of this agreement shall in the first place be settled through agreement and as a last resort through arbitration.