The only thing small about a Petit Hotel is its size.

Our hearts and souls are all big.

Petit Hotels includes many of Sweden’s finest small hotels. Most of them are located in the countryside in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. Crystal-clear lakes, rivers and forests, as well as nearby golf courses and cultural events, together create unforgettable experiences for our guests.

With their stylish, comfortable rooms and highly creative kitchens with gastronomic menus, often based on fresh local and organic produce, these hotels offer indulgence for both the body and soul. For practical reasons, a few of our hotels are strategically situated in city centres.

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Garpenbergs Slott

Garpenberg, Dalarna The largest castle structure north of the Dalälven River here in Bergslagen and one of the few places in Sweden you can still experience dinner, accommodation and parties in a setting that reverberates with a genuine sense of Swedish history. The castle was completed in 1801, designed by Carl Christoffer Gjörwell, built by Salomon von Stockenström and the Swedish East India Company (Svenska Ostindiska Kompaniet). At Garpenbergs Slott you will experience an atmosphere... Read more


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